A not-for-profit organization that sees data and knowledge, in all their diverse forms, as a common good, and enables their reuse and exploitation, independently of race, nationality, religion, or any other contingent factor.

A diversity aware conceptualization of the world which enables the construction of multiple, purpose driven, diverse but coordinated, representations of the world, across time, space, language and any other contingent factor.

Multiple, purpose driven, diverse but coordinated, representations of the world which integrate the huge quantity of data which are locally available.

SCROLL is a Java/Spring-based, production-level natural language processing framework. The name stands for Semantic Cross-Lingual Label parser.

A collection of several word games on different stages of development, such as Crosswords and Hangman. The games use Entitypedia content and are an attempt to use gamification for knowledge maintenance and evolution.

A framework and a collection of algorithms for semantic matching. Semantic matching algorithms establish correspondences between semantically equivalent nodes in tree-like hierarchies, such as web directories, product catalogues and database schemas.